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Sessler Macklin LLP is proud to be a New York City based accounting firm. Understand our clients' needs and apply proven, as well as innovative, accounting services to all our business and individual clients.

Our clients are not only located within the New York City, Tri State Area, but also througout the United States.

We assist our clients with all of their tax, accounting, financial statement preparation and bookkeeping services with sophisticated and innovative advice.


Personal service, genuine concern and understanding of our client’s goals and a strong desire to meet your needs and solve your problems helps us create an environment of trust and confidence between us and our clients.

We will answer your questions and then probe further to answer the questions you didn’t know to ask. Our approach to providing accounting services will help you look beyond your immediate concern, allowing you to plan for future success.

Sessler Macklin LLP will help you build a mutually beneficial long term relationship by becoming your financial, accounting and tax coach. We want to make your business and personal goals a reality.


228 East 45th Street, 10th. Floor
New York, New York 10017
Tel:(212) 682-0660 · Fax: (212) 682-0767
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